Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wingnut Justice

The modern conservative endorses torture, even requires it as a linchpin component of a strong foreign policy.

The modern conservative decries the closing of Guantanamo Bay and the prosecution of its inhabitants by integrating them into the American Legal System is a parallel to appeasement, and weakening the security of our country.

The modern conservative wails at the thought of a Republican president being investigated for war crimes, or other violations of the law such as ordering the implementation of our intelligence gathering apparatus and infrastructure to expand blanket electronic surveillance to include all persons within the United States.

The modern conservative thinks habeus corpus isn't something that extends to human beings accused of terrorism.

If wingnuts think the law is something that doesn't apply to the way they have ran the country. If they think that all the legal mumbo-jumbo we are currently going through is just a bunch of liberal pussy hand-wringing by non-serious dirty hippies who underestimate what it really takes to defeat Jihadis (BALLS). Then why on Earth are they having a conniption over who is seated at the highest level of this country's Judicial branch?

Wingnut Justices

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