Friday, May 22, 2009

Ahem, please keep Gitmo open, or David Bowie will materialize and kill you in your sleep, backwards.

Thanks to Cole for the metaphor.

To quote Eddie Izzard, "Uhm...QUOI?"
aka non sequitur much?

Vote Republican. That is all.
UPDATE: That is not all.

UPDATE II: It would be my fervent wish to cuddle with Rachel Maddow as we drifted off to sleep in a hammock in the middle of a Nebraska August's eve, if I felt for a moment she might enjoy it for a second. This is one of the many reasons why:

"Today's Republican Party, brought to you by fear. Scaring people into getting in line since the first time God ever smoked something."

Oh. And. There. Is. Just. One. More. Thing.

The caption reads, "This is not a pipe".

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