Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smurf City in a blood red summer

We've gone blue again.

One could make a pretty compelling argument that the biggest upset of 2008 at the presidential level, bigger than even the Obama victory in Indiana, was the fact that Barack Obama stole an electoral vote from John McCain in, of all places, Nebraska.

Nebraska, which awards its electoral votes piecemeal (two for winning the state, one for winning each congressional district), gave Obama one of its five electoral votes by virtue of his victory over John McCain in its Omaha-based 2nd District.

Tuesday night, the Democratic Party, and the voters of Omaha, made it clear that Obama's surprise single electoral vote in Nebraska was not an isolated incident.

Democrat Jim Suttle, a city councilman, scored the narrow win over former Republican mayor Hal Daub. Suttle won 50.7% of the vote, to Daub's 48.7% of the vote.

Go Big Red! Go Little Blue!

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