Friday, May 15, 2009

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Was the season finale to LOST worthless or what?
Best season, most useless conclusion.

I’d spoil another show, but I won’t, so lets just say the feeling is still familiar.


Was the season finale to LOST worthless or what?

I don’t know much about Lost. But everyone on Twitter seems to be befuddled by it or completely confused (is “befuddled” and “completely confused” redundant?.)

What’s the deal? (without giving anything away, of course.

okay well the best moments in lost usually happen in the last few minutes of each ep. The writer’s have a scene that turns the story on its head or reveal something so astounding that the whole audience is like WTF? Usually its a denouement or okay, the ep has climaxed, here’s your post coital smoke, but did you know that cig is laced w/ PCP? WTF? and so they have some kind of narrative device, don’t push the red button scenario. The red button gets pushed, something changes and we see everything anew, and say WTF?
Last night the show smash-cut to white on the pushing of the proverbial red-button. It was pretty weak sauce.

@freelancer: So basically, it is completely unpredictable…?

I don’t necessarily like predictable, but I like to be able to guess. Are you saying “It is so ‘Out there’ that you can’t even guess”

Because I hate that.

I have a love-hate relationship with “24” because it is somewhere in between.

@Michael D:

My friend Alex and I had this same conversation while watching Lost last night.
The appeal of Lost, to me so far is that it has been completely incomprehensible, surprising, and yet it has felt right. The show is internally consistent in its logic. While I absolutely despise fantasy and magical thinking in my recent, but inevitable conversion to skepticism, I will readily allow it to be present in the name of telling a good story. Lost’s story, so far, has shown an amazing dedication to continuity, that rivals The Venture Bros. in terms of the lengths its producers have been willing to go to preserve the validity of its earlier volumes.

My gripe with last night’s finale, isn’t that it doesn’t continue the story in a manner unfaithful with the rest of the series, but that this season, awesome as it has been, taking a mysterious, on-its-face fantasy tale which veers sharply into a science fiction narrative, failed to reward its viewers on a purely narrative scale. The show stopped short.

There is one more season to be made, and the story will pick up from there, but to offer an analogy, it is as if the Godfather faded to credits after the Baptism montage and the killing of Moe Green…

and we are left in the dark as to the plot and drama of what happened next until the sequel comes out two years later in 1974. It’s not a bad story, but it is cheap storytelling.

As far as 24 is concerned, the show lost me completely when one of the techie characters was sequestered for suspicions of being a security threat, and Milo was like “OMG, are they kidding? She’s a loyal American, she votes Republican for crying out loud!”
I have the first 5 seasons on DVD, but even my Navy, semi-wingnut uncle has aptly summarized the show as Kiefer Sutherland screaming at a locked door:

“We’re running out of TIME!”
“Who are you working for?!”
“I’m your only chance!”
“Tell me what you know!”

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