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Iran Pt. III, The Green Revolution via Twitter and it gets real.

Parts I and II.

Iranian Gov't executing Denial of Service Internet Attacks to shut down media:

problem w/ site pinpointed: webmaster says the Iranian govt is overloading us with requests to disable our site: "denial of service attack"
6 minutes ago from web

No coincidence that these are the first to be fortified because of the fear that those regions would secede." end quote
about 4 hours ago from web

Note the areas that the gov't was quick to fortify: Tabriz and Kermanshah.
about 4 hours ago from web They are camped at every major street-corner, with electric batons.
about 4 hours ago from web

has trucked in what may be Lebanese, but definitely non-Iranian and non-Persian speaking, militia to patrol the streets.
about 4 hours ago from web

quote: "credible news from Kermanshah that the gov't has trucked in what may be Lebanese,
about 4 hours ago from web

I had heard this before from several sources, but since I thought it was a rumor I didn't publish it, but now it appears there is credible
about 4 hours ago from web

Via Sullivan:
My Father has a truck load of ballot boxes that were to be burned in the back of his truck.

i eats some pills and wanna sleep and i scared that if they can find me ...i going...thx for your supports....

typing as fastest as I can in bth English&Farsi,Still we need outside help,I really don't want to be captured by Ansar

Once again I thank everyone in the world. No matter if Ahmadi stays or not, I'm proud to have clasped such supportive hands.

URGENT JUST IN, there r TANKS in front of the interior ministry of tehran in valiasr st. & fatemi CAREFUL

I can't find my friends on streets.

Rasht, glass splinters on the streets, riot police not hesitating to beat men, women and even kids

From Enghelab Sq friend just call me, Police & unknown forces beating everybody for no apparent reason!

Correction, no bus burned, but three cars.

dawn is breaking. can hear prayers from mosques.

cousin in tehran is traumatized by the club and baton beatings on tehran streets. eyewitness report of a girl beaten to death.

IRG's helicopter flying low on yousefabadad Amirabad Gisha right now creating a devastating sound and making windows shake

sources from Tehran: ppl are killed, ppl are in blood, tehran is hell.

We witnessed police spraying pepper gas into the eyes of peaceful female protesters

We are here in the dark, all kinds of rumors fly by; nothing is sure.

IRIB TV warned people seriously about going to tomorrow's rally, mobile network might be down for tomorrow's rally.

Student and Twitterer Change for Iran:

to other sources: this isn't the police! police is still outside! we're under attack by Ansar-Hezbolah. #iranelection

unfortunately the entrance door is completely destroyed and there is no way of barricading it. #iranelection

typing as fastest as I can in both English & Farsi, Still we need outside help, I really don't want to be captured by Ansar #iranelection

Masood is going outside & I'm shaking & feeling useless #iranelection

5:26AM I'm praying to GOD they leave us be! we should get Reza to a hospital Asap, he has some bad wounds. #iranelections

CNN Interview with Student Journalist in Tehran:
Just one additional thing, this is very interesting. A number of students came up to me today and said that they want to appeal to President Obama. They said, 'is he going to accept this result? Because if he does, then we are doomed.' So I heard a lot about appeals to Obama and the international community today from university students.

Email to an Iranian-American advocacy group in Washington:

“[We] are still safe, but to tell you the truth, all of us are feeling sick of what we have to see on streets these days. This afternoon, [we] saw five policemen attack a middle age lady. They beat her brutally, with no mercy. She tried to escape with her young daughter but they got her. I stopped and tried to help her, but three men in civilian clothes attacked my car, and I had to drive away because [my daughter] was with me. Tonight, people shouted “Allah o Akabar” from their roof tops, but hundreds of police forces on bikes swept the streets and marked houses from which they could hear voices."

Hospitals around Tehran surrounded by secret police who refuse to let people with injuries get through, humanity at its worst #iranelection

Friend: 17 y/o killed infront of me couldn't get to him in time guards beating us up went to hospital but he stopped moving #iranelection

Is this hopeless? We're up against a vicious enemy that has no boundaries, that has weaponry and intent to harm God help us #iranelection

Ex-pats protesting around the globe, (Via a Mousavi Supporter's Flickr account):



UPDATE: Washington, D. C.

UPDATE II: Opposition Leader, and probable duly elected President Mousawi issues a statement via Twitter:

Another email from NIAC:
WE NEED HELP. WE NEED SUPPORT. Time is not on our side, waiting and making sure means more casualties, more disappointment, more brutality.

The most essential need of young Iranians is to be recognized by US government. They need them not to accept the results and do not talk to A.N government as an official, approved one. They need help by sending true information. All the medias are under arrest or close control. Help them have the information.

They only try to show the fraud to the world. Help them please. You can not imagine the level of brutality we saw these two awful days.

UPDATE III: (via twitter'd IranElection09 and the BBC):
Mousawi has called off the protesters' rally for today after the Iranian Government and the police informed him that the Police in charge of crowd control would be carrying live rounds for their weapons.

Iran's defeated moderate candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi has cancelled a big rally, amid growing unrest over last week's presidential poll.

The government had declared planned protests against the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad illegal.

Mr Mousavi called off the rally after being warned militias would be equiped with live rounds, the BBC understands.

Mr Mousavi wants election results annulled, alleging widespread fraud. Mr Ahmadinejad says the vote was fair.

Tens of thousands rallied in Tehran on Sunday to celebrate his victory.

'Death to the dictator'

There were clashes between the police and anti-Ahmadinejad protesters in several parts of the city for a second day on Sunday.

“ I urge you, Iranian nation, to continue your nationwide protests in a peaceful and legal way ”
Mir Hossein Mousavi

Police hit protesters with batons and charged them on motorbikes.

Mousavi supporters cried "death to the dictator" into the evening. Scores of people are reported to have been arrested.

There have been reports of tear gas being fired and rooms being searched at Tehran University.

The BBC's Jon Leyne in Tehran says the rapidly spreading protests are a challenge not just to the election result, not just to President Ahmadinejad, but to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself.

That means it is, he says, a challenge to the whole basis of the Islamic Republic.

Mr Ahmadinejad dismissed the unrest as "passions after a soccer match".

International concern

Mr Mousavi's website carried a statement saying he had formally called on
which must certify the counting, to annul the election.

He added: "I urge you, Iranian nation, to continue your nationwide protests in a peaceful and legal way."

But on Monday, the interior ministry said: "Some seditious elements had planned to hold a rally."

It added: "Any disrupter of public security would be dealt with according to the law."

A supporter of Mr Mousavi, Shahab Tabatabaei, told the Associated Press news agency the candidate had met Ayatollah Khamenei to press his call.

But the BBC's John Simpson in Tehran says the call is almost certain to fail.

One of the country's leading dissidents, Ibrahim Yazdi, told the BBC there had been clear signs of fraud in the poll, with detailed results being withheld.

More foreign powers are also expressing concern about the election.

In an interview on US television, Vice-President Joe Biden said: "It sure looks like the way they're suppressing speech, the way they're suppressing crowds, the way in which people are being treated, that there's some real doubt."

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