Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anomaly-sniping, Rationality-FAIL edition

Xenophobe Pammy Geller, yesterday:
This is very strange. Events surrounding the Air France plane that crashed and practically disintegrated raise more questions then they answer. An Air France pilot said it was 'highly likely' the jet was blown out of the sky by a bomb.

Now it has come to light that the domain name for flight 447 was registered in September 2007. Coincidence? Maybe. Iranian Kari Bian, who makes movies about Israelis and "Palestinians," registered the domain

That's peculiar.

No, that's really stupid.

It's just one of those inevitable coincidences produced by large groups of people having lots of experiences.

Pammy, today:

Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.

And it only got worse. It was terrible. My heart is heavy for my country and the free world.

The media can spin their subjugation and adulation a million different ways, but America did not vote for a "Muslim presidency," which is what this is. Obama deceitfully hid his Muslim background and schooling and his agenda. Little did America know that Obama's objective would be a conversion of this nation to "the largest Muslim country in the world". From the moment he spoke as President, in the inaugural address, Islam was falsely given a preeminent place in the creation of America. In this speech, he quoted from the Koran three times. Why doesn't anybody comment on this? Why doesn't anyone ever comment on what he projected vs. what he is? Why won't all those talking heads state the obvious?

Obama's speech was a lesson in taqiya (lies to advance Islam). He called Islam a force of religious tolerance and racial equality ..... in the face of all the barbarism. He stated that “Muslims have enriched the U.S. and have won Nobel prizes.” They have, in fact, received less than a handful of the international Nobel prizes. It is an interesting point to make, considering the glaring omission of the Jews contribution to humanity.

On democracy, Obama said:

So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.

Really, that's news to Japan and Germany post WW2. And that's news to all of the previously Christian nations that were barbarically destroyed and taken over by Islam ..... and there are all those cute little Soviet Republics.

And then, this chestnut:

This last point is important because there are some who advocate for democracy only when they are out of power; once in power, they are ruthless in suppressing the rights of others.

It sounds autobiographical ................"


Other reactions from the Pro-Israel crowd:


How 'bout some mainstream Arab commentary (via Sullivan):

[Obama's] reference to the early roots of Islam in America is so disingenuous: he has one bland quote from John Adams and leave out various expressions of bigotry against Muslims by founding fathers. And he then condemns (unspecified) Western stereotypes of Muslims and then matches them with what he calls Muslim stereotypes of America as empire. But those two are not symmetrical: American stereotypes of Muslims are racist and essentialist, and the notion that the US is a war mongering Empire is shared by [non-Muslims] and Muslims alike...

Shorter Obama today in Cairo, addressing the Muslim world directly, but really the whole world:

Shorter Zionist Neo-cons: Awful, way to fuck over the Jews by fellating the Terrorists.

Shorter Muslim Commentariat: America is not an Empire? Put up or Shut Up, because we know Obama is a Puppet for Israeli concerns.

Shorter Christian Right: OMG, seriouly, you guys! Fukkin' told you! He's a sleeper Muslim!

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