Thursday, June 4, 2009

Humpday AWE, pt II (Courage, Humor, Admiration, and the Theatre of the Absurd)

After the first time I saw the movie BIG (NOTE: HOLY SHIT, this activity has become a Tourist/NYC Cliche at FAO Schwarz. I didn't know that.) as a little kid, I made it a mission to learn the piano. It’s been years, and I know the ability is still there, but like a foreign language, if you don’t use it, the vocabulary goes to shit. Thus I am not a professional musician. However, I can still play “Heart and Soul” upon request.

After the right-wing base erupted with disdain after the 2004 VP candidate debates when John Edwards offensively acknowledged that Cheney had a lesbian daughter, I never quite expected this push from him, but here you go.

He's stil a war criminal. Prosecute him.

When The Catholic League gets into some serious shit, public relations-wise, they are the first to proclaim that "The Catholic League" has nothing to do with, nor any affiliation with the Catholic Church; yet I've never seen or heard anything from the Vatican or the equivalent hierarchical American clergy remotely denouncing William Donahue. So fuck them, until they say otherwise.

Substitute the Swiftian sarcasm with sanctimonious condescension and magically, Betty Bowers transforms into Rep. Michelle Bachmann.

And as Sweet Dee tends to say: "BOOM!"
This is Courage and Admiration personified, (Closed Captioning provided for the hearing impaired and non-Irish)

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