Monday, June 8, 2009

Bias, and forget the Dems when they act like entitled gangsters

I'm left of center, as one could probably tell from this site, but
even Clintonian politics bug the shit out of me.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager runs for Governor of Virginia, and the best way he can think of creating a brand:

(via Mark Gisleson and Narconews):

I’m not sure which of these two scenarios would be worse for the future of the Democrats: Terry McAuliffe wins Tuesday’s primary for governor, and Independent voters, horrified, begin an exodus from their fairly recent Democratic voting patterns to bring a resurgence of the GOP in the Old Dominion, or that McAuliffe could win on Tuesday and then somehow pull off a general election victory to become a daily embarrassment to the national Democratic Party from his mansion in McLean, just a golf ball’s shot from Washington, DC.
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But in recent years McAuliffe has been on the wrong end of the two big revolts that paved the way for the Democratic Party to finally win again. As chairman of the Democratic National Committee, McAuliffe was overthrown by the insurgent candidacy of Howard Dean (paving the way for the 50 state strategy and so many other reforms). As finance chairman, and frequent TV surrogate, for the Clinton 2008 presidential campaign, McAuliffe continued to embody that fast-and-loose money-obsessed yuppie old guard of the Democratic Party of the last century that Obama and his community organizer and small donor army toppled in historic battle.

A McAuliffe victory on Tuesday would thus have repercussions beyond Virginia. It would announce to the nation that the party hasn't really changed, that 2008 was a mere abberation. It would strongly suggest that, hard as so many in it try, that what Howard Dean called “the democratic wing of the Democratic Party” will never be able to complete the clean-up of its worst, most corporate, elements. It would reestablish that those who nearly destroyed the Democratic Party in the 1990s are an incurable affliction, like herpes; and they will keep coming back as a big oozing sore on the lips to frighten swing voters away.
But first things first: On Tuesday, Virginia will be ground zero in the ongoing struggle to dump the dirty bath water from the Democratic Party tub. A defeat of McAuliffe in the primary would start the ball rolling for the 2010 midterm elections for the newly regenerated community organizer wing of the Democrats to continue advancing. It would encourage other candidates to step forward throughout the country to continue to challenge and defeat those that not too long ago crucified the party on a cross of special interests. Tuesday's lesson could be that one good Deeds deserves another…

Screw Politics for Politicians' sake. Let McAuliffe wither on the vine. He failed Clinton because he and Clinton are 20th century pols, trying to play checkers on a chessboard. The sooner the dinosaurs are extinct we will all be better off. Good Riddance. I'm sure all the registered Democrats and the PUMA's will hold a silent vigil upon your inevitable defeat, and loss of relevance.

UPDATE: McAuliffe lost his primary. Boy, it sucks being right. At this point, I'll never get my own Column for the Washington Post or the New York Times.

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