Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two things: the powerless defending the powerful and self-immolation. In need of some actual firefighting.

Part I: Going to the Casino and cheering for the house while playing at the blackjack table.

Part II: Someone needs a cold shower. (listen closely to the raucous gut-laughter at about 5:20)

Let me say this just one more goddamned time. Barack Hussein Obama could have been born on MARS, the fact that his mother, Stanley Anne Dunham of Kansas, never rescinded her citizenship before his birth automatically makes BHO a natural born American Citizen. Case closed. Get over it. If you disagree with his political viewpoints, that is something that can be dealt with respectfully. This birther shit, this anti-christ garbage, and this racist nonsense does nothing other than convince me that self-proclaimed conservatives are tin-foil hat wearing, paint chip eating, credulous, fucktards.

These people make me embarrassed as a thinking human to walk the same soil and share the same air.

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