Thursday, August 13, 2009

The repulsive analyzing the inane.

Miley Cyrus utilized a stripper pole in her performance at the Teen Choice Awards. Oh my god.

As if her washed-up parents weren't already exploiting the hell out of their daughter's youth and sex appeal. I only mention this because today, of all days, Wingnut back-bencher Laura Ingraham felt compelled to comment on this incident.

Yeah yeah, they mocked her stupidity, her idea of a trailer park, with cut-offs as the embodiment of the All-American Southern Girl. My question is this, if they're so concerned that the Health Care Reform that the Democrats are proposing will lead to Fascism, Tyrrany, and the Government sentencing sick people to death (and they are, just read her front page), then why spend two full segments talking about how stupid a 16-year old Disney Pop-star is?

That is how criticism of pop-culture is done.

Ingraham and her ilk are not to be taken seriously, on any topic. Ever. When a google search of your name reveals that you're widely known for calling people you disagree with "fat" (Al Gore, Michael Moore, Meghan McCain), you should forever be remanded to the hellish dinosaur infested wasteland known as AM radio. Enjoy your dwindling audience.

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