Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update on Bolton

"Point of order, Mr. Chairman. I have a suggestion."
"Mr. Bolton, if you suggest the use of military force one more time, I will immediately motion for a roll-call vote to have you kicked off the fucking planet!
Now, does your suggestion involve bombs?"

Three op-eds in 1 month in major publications all advocating military strikes on Iran.

Not Counting Yglesias's title from January of this year, before Obama was even sworn in.

Every Day is a Good Day to Start a War

John Bolton urges Barack Obama to adopt a policy of regime change and unprovoked military attacks on Iran:

Iran and North Korea achieved their objectives through diplomacy. Mr. Bush failed to achieve his. How can Mr. Obama do better? For starters, he could increase the pressure on China, which has real leverage over North Korea, to press Kim Jong Il’s regime in ways that the six-party talks never approached. Options on Iran are more limited, but meaningful efforts at regime change and assisting Israel should it decide to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities would be good first steps.

That’s via my colleague Ben Armbruster who also observes that “Earlier this week famed war hawk John Bolton said that the recent crisis in Gaza presents the perfect opportunity for the U.S. and Israel to bomb Iran.”

Did Bolton have his binky stolen by Persians as an infant?

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