Monday, September 17, 2007

Polls, Pundits, and Lack of Critical Reasoning

Bush's approval rating is in the toilet. Congress' is even LOWER. The current narrative and reflections of all the failed "democratic strategist" class of Pundits has been arguing the conventional wisdom that Congress is polling negatively because they've been contentious with President Bush.

Every single underlying assumption in this narrative is flat-out wrong.

-Despite 70% of Americans being against the war, and 91% of Iraqi's not having a problem with violence against US Forces, the first and most easily is that somehow in all of this, Bush may be right. That the American People are with him. And when Congress opposes someone who's right, they get bad numbers.

-the Dem Congress hasn't been contentious with Bush. sure they're all bluster and no sword. Bush has aids under Congressional subpoena No Call No Show, with absolutely NO consequence. Related to this, and more recently, 13 Congressmen were subpoenaed to be deposed by the lawyers of Rep. Duke Cunningham for his defense. Thus far none of the aforementioned Congressman have complied with the subpoena. There doesn't look to be any meaningful consequence for not complying with the law.

-Dems poll like shit because they haven't been contentious enough. The moment Dems realize that they are recognized as the best hope for change on Iraq and other anti-Democratic policies the Bush Administration espouse, and take action on them, they will see their approval rating launch into orbit. We are suffering from Bush fatigue. H.W. even says it. We are done with him, but we can't afford to do what he wants us to do, which sickeningly is war forever:

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