Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Godless Zeitgeist, nothing like ironic titles

For those that I don't want to be accused of writing OVER, "Zeitgeist" is German that roughly translated means "Spirit of the Age". When we speak of what has society's attention currently or the "pulse of the nation", this is what the word Zeitgeist is referring to. Currently within the Atheist Blogosphere, there are several memes surfing the wave of the zeitgeist at the moment.

-One is RRS having their critique vids of Kent "Dr. Fucktardasaurus" Hovind, pulled off YouTube in a kneejerk reaction to feloniously false copyright infringement claims. Whole story here.

-Another is a local State Senator has sued God. He's being applauded by the Godlessphere, but he just needs/wants facetime. Personally, I think he's played out the "Wh-iiiite People" card, and he needs something new (and conventionally reviled) to keep the cameras and mic's gravitating towards him.

-The most viral meme currently snaking its way onto peoples' browsers is the clip from the View featuring Sherri Shepherd claiming agnosticism over the shape of the Planet. How do you read and know enough that you "don't believe in evolution. Period.", and yet when asked if the Earth is flat...? (Sorry, I can't bring myself to finish that sentence.):

Next time I want to hear a bunch of Cackling Hens spout STUPID MIND-NUMBING nonsense in the face of informed, cold, hard facts, I'll hang out at my Aunt's house. Please, even though Phil makes a good point, Keep this Shit off my TV. My head can only explode so many times in a given day. PZ and Mike get it right.

Shorter Mike:
She doesn't believe in evolution. I'd like her to explain what she thinks evolution actually is first; that'd be worth a chuckle. Fuck me...I bet there's a picture of her brain on a goddamn milk carton somewhere.
The Great Wasteland is done. It's hit bottom. [...] Way to go. Way to reinforce the idea that women are incurious airheads. Way to inform and educate and encourage thinking — hire an idiot to help anchor your program in idiocy.
But I think one of his other posts sums it up so much better:

Here is the bottom line.

There is this old myth about a god who has sex with his human mother to give birth to himself, who grows up to be killed (but not really), and this depreciated sacrifice somehow means everyone else gets to go to heaven when they die. If they believe it, that is; otherwise they go to hell and suffer for eternity.

Now I'm supposed to…

…believe in this fairy tale myself;

…believe that accepting this fairy tale helps people be better human beings;

…believe that accepting this fairy tale helps people be better scientists;

…regard people who swallow this fairy tale with the same respect I do those who see through the nonsense;

…refrain from criticizing this fairy tale; and/or

…pretend this fairy tale isn't a load of ridiculous bullshit.

No, it's never going to happen. I will never accept or even respect your fairy tale.

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