Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rifftrax Palate Cleanser

Mike Nelson, Kevin "Tom Servo:TNG" Murphy, and Bill "Crow T. Robot:Redux" Corbett.
The Re-imagining, or later writers of MST3K now have a website that produces feature-length mp3's that sync to a specific DVD, whether it be Spiderman 3, The Grudge, or Cloverfield; and in addition, have
Divx based On-Demand products for vids in the public domain that continue in the Genius tradition of mocking what needs/should/shouldn't* be mocked (Youtoob link, Aspect Ratio Compression is not my fault):

*this IS mocked above, and dutifully so (Holy SQEE! wtf would he have done with TMNT?!), however, as far as I'm concerned, there are no Sacred Cows...
with these heroes.
They earn my respect, as a skeptic, as a human, and a person naturally predisposed to self-deprecation when they parse and concurrently trash aforementioned company owner Michael J. Nelson's (as well as one of my and my father's**) favorite movie

to shreds***.

***this sample is not much compared to the humor and scrutiny that it is ultimately subjected to. It is Popcorn, not for the calories, but for the taste and visceral satisfaction alone. It must be stated that there is no wrongdoing in making such a film. In my own opinion, this movie gets a free pass, in as much as its first and only goal is to entertain. But, and I must say "But" to me, the more irreverent and savaging the commentary became between Mike, Kevin, and Bill, the louder I laughed. To me, Rifftrax succeeds not only because they make fun of movies I hate, but because of the fact that they include some of my own sacred cows in the process. I can't wait until they truly rip George Lucas a new one for the Groundhog Abortion that was Indy 4. Anyways, the point is that you're emotionally, or intellectually involved; even if it's anger, skepticism, or joy.


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